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Happy Day - Dragons Out! in English published today!

And here it comes, after what feels like a long journey of countless publication process actions. The Dragons Out! book is published today on July 30th, 2021. I can't describe how happy I am to be able to share this book with all the English readers in the world. It works for children and adults, for non-native and native English speakers.  Dragons Out! - a book about dragons, knights and software testing - is meant to be a fascinating, introductory book to the world of software testing. You get to read appalling fantasy stories about knights battling dragons, and children helping the valiant knights. While you read the stories, I also explain what they mean in the world of information technology and software testing. It is often easiest to learn by comparison.  There are interesting exercises about software testing, some involve drawing and some actual testing. There's also the supporting material for teachers here

English edition of Dragons Out! published tomorrow July 30, 2021!

The time for waiting is almost over! I'm so thrilled to get "Dragons Out! - a book about dragons, knights and software testing" published in English tomorrow, on July 30, 2021. The book is available at for purchasing. If you like to utilize a publishing offer of 25% off for softbacks of Dragons Out!, use the code AUTHOR0721. You can also buy the book from Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Waterstones and a great number of other international bookstores! I've processed orders for those kind people, companies and associations, who supported me early in the book project and preordered the book from me. I can't thank all of you enough! You'll get your books soon. I've set up social media pages for my Dragons Out Oy company / the book. Please, go ahead and like them, and spread the word: https://www.linked

Dragons Out in English now at publisher webshop and preorder deliveries under way

My English publisher Austin Macauley has now opened their webshop  here  for orders of Dragons Out book! They have announced a special 25% off discount code off Paperbacks on our website. This code will expire on the 30th of September 2021. Use code AUTHOR0721 at checkout.  I am closing the preordering capability of the hardback version of the English Dragons Out book at my own web site at this time. For further purchases of the English Dragons Out book, published on July 30, 2021, I would invite you to use my publisher Austin Macauley's webshop  here . We will be soon delivering the books to everyone who preordered and paid for the Dragons Out hardback books from me. The plan is to have them shipping in early August. I have been reconfirming the mailing addresses from everyone, and currently, I have responses from most people. If you haven't confirmed your address to me in July, please do it now. Once more I would like to extend my thanks to all those who preordered either my

Challenge to translate Dragon Lesson in Software Testing to all languages

Upon discussion in social media and many volunteer approaches to help in translating the Dragon Lesson in Software Testing into many languages, I decided to up the game. Let's translate the free Creative Commons presentation to as many languages in the world as we can, so that the presentation can serve as the easy first step to software testing for all the children in the world. So, let's target all the languages out there! The Dragons Lesson in Software Testing is an easy to present, visual (with Dragon and Knight pics by Adrienn SzĂ©ll!) PowerPoint presentation made for all the teachers in the world. It works as a 1-2 hours session, or more, at any class in school, as an extra-curriculum topic. I issue the challenge on this video . Already I have promises from volunteers in 10 different languages. And, the first translation is already uploaded to .  It was done by Olivier Denoo, in French. Thanks very much, Olivier!