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EuroSTAR offers me one giveaway ticket to EuroSTAR online testing conference on November 17-19, 2020. I will give it away to one of you, who will share this blog post in their social media networks. You'll remember that I will speak about How Children Learn Testing Through Stories at EuroSTAR on Wednesday, Nov 18. You can find the description of my talk here.
I'll make a random draw amongst the people who shared this post in their LinkedIn or Twitter accounts. You'll need to include my LinkedIn or Twitter name so I'll learn about this : ). I'll do the draw on August 14 and inform about the winner through another blog post.
The Dragons Out book about software testing for children is currently in tech edit. The English version is at publisher Austin Macauley and the Finnish version is at publisher Avain. The Finnish version has a planned release date of December 1, and the English version is hopefully around the same time, but to be confirmed.
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Celebrating the publishing deals of Dragons Out book

On the beautiful summer day, we decided that now is the time to celebrate the fact that Dragons Out book has both English and Finnish publishers. The English publisher Austin Macauley was chosen in March and the Finnish publisher Avain in June. Both have all the necessary texts and illustrations for taking the work towards the published book. Now we just wait and take a moment to enjoy the progress so far.
Well, there will be more to do, of course. Reviews of proofreading and design. Plenty of marketing to do on many forums. There's the blog to write. There's another school donation campaign to arrange (remember last autumn many companies funded the book by preorders that they will donate to schools for students to read). I'll continue the campaign come this autumn. Stay tuned.
And as a reminder, share the book project with your network! And preorder either the English or Finnish version by contacting me via the contact form : ).
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Finnish publisher will be Avain

I am glad to announce that I have signed the publishing contract for the Finnish version of Dragons Out book! The considerations took place on their own pace over winter, but finally, I was able to choose out of three publishing options and chose Avain. They have a great variety of children's books, professional books and educational books - and are thus a great fit for my book.
The Finnish Dragons Out will be published as a hardcover book only. Those few who chose an electronic book will get a hardcover book instead or can choose the English electronic book.
The publishing date of the Finnish book is before Christmas, currently set to Dec 1st, 2020, so the book makes an excellent Christmas present for any thoughtful parent or company. You can already preorder from me using the contact form on this site. I really appreciate anyone making up their minds early on as it will diminish some of the uncertainty that exists now in Covid-19 times.
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Preorders available - spring and lifelong learning excerpt

Today's excerpt from Dragons Out book is about spring - it has been quite pleasant here spring in Finland, if you don't count the Covid-19 challenges. The excerpt also reminds all of us about the importance of life-long learning. Even if you learn something at an early age (like the kids in the book learn dragon hunting / software testing), you are never ready. There's always more to learn. The sage Cho has understood this.Pre-orders of both English and Finnish book are still available - just contact me via the contact form. I much appreciate those who have preordered the book in the past few months to make my book project easier. Thank you.And the excerpt:One day, as the golden spring sun gently tickled the guards' noses on the walls of Iron Lake, they saw a horse galloping towards the village gates. The cousins Tom and Laura just got off guard duty and rushed to the gate to meet the rider. A young woman in hunter's clothing jumped down from the back of the snorti…

Dragons Out at EuroSTAR and a Learning excerpt from book

Today EuroSTAR announced the program of this largest software testing conference in Europe. My Dragons Out talk about how children learn about software testing is there! The conference takes place online this year due to the unprecedented Covid-19 crisis. Anyway, it will be great! So join me there to hear more about how children learn - and of course a bit about the book : )

As for today's excerpt from the book, I've chosen a piece about learning, as EuroSTAR theme for 2020 is Learn Together From Anywhere. This excerpt is from chapter four. It also features the name of the book!

When autumn arrived, the villagers put the logs in place. Each log was driven deep into the ground, and the builders filled the pit around the log to the ground level. In this way, each log stood firmly on its own. Each time there were ten logs upright, three crossbeams joined them. Mathilda's wood-building skills were needed. The work progressed nicely.

After summer, the villagers build the pali…

Usability defect and Covid-19 message

Dragons Out book's English version is in the publishing process of Austin Macauley. Currently, I don't have a publishing date proposal from them, but the book is proceeding nicely. As for the Finnish version, I have two offers from Finnish publishers and I am pondering them.

The big question for both language versions of the book is the effect of Covid-19 pandemic to book sales in general. I think both versions can be available well in time for the Christmas market, but is that a good time to launch a book this year? Drop me a line through the contact form, and give me your opinion. Thanks very much for helping in this bit of market research.

Today's excerpt from the book for your enjoyment is taken from Chapter 6 which is about usability. This particular piece gives the background for the adventure, and it is talking about isolation, appropriately for these Covid-19-ridden times. I hope you find it amusing.

Enjoy. And stay safe.

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English publisher is.... Austin Macauley

After many nice discussions with publishers in the UK and USA, I finally got to choose from four good offers for publishing the English version of my Dragons Out book.

I have now signed the publishing contract with Austin Macauley. I am very impressed by their work in many genres, including children's fiction and non-fiction. They also have great marketing approach internationally, which is what I really want for my book. The work detailed in the contract will produce hardcover books, softcover books, e-books and audio-books.

I believe that with Austin Macauley the message of software testing for children's awareness through my innovative genre-breaking stories of dragons and knights fantasy and software testing literature will be spread as widely as possible. Of course, I will still need the help of all my readers (adult or child), parents, schools, companies, associations. I'll thank you already now for spreading the information.

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