Presentation at conference and great feedback

I was very happy to give a presentation at #TAHelsinki conference concerning my future book about software testing for kids of 10-99  : ) with dragons and knights theme. Lots of great feedback. Many people indeed want to give children some Testing knowledge, and not only Coding knowledge : ).

I presented the main characters and explain how testing knowledge is explained in interesting terms. All the attendees also got to draw their own dragon - a most outstanding and interesting software defect they have encountered. It was lots of fun! And some great ideas for the book : ).

The book is almost ready in Finnish, but crowdfunding is needed for illustration and making it hardcover, and also I need to translate it to English on the same go. Share this campaign and back it yourself at Indiegogo portal   #softwaretesting #children #book #dragons

The book is now in crowdfunding at Indiegogo

A big milestone. The crowdfunding campaign is now live and I got the first backer in just 5 minutes! Wow. This is going to be great. I've been sharing my views in Finnish software testing community like this: Learning software testing should start as a kid, like learning to code, would you agree? To enable this, I’m going to publish a book! Help me create this book about dragons, knights and software testing, for children and adults. Help bring more testing into the world. Share this and pre-order the book @indiegogo I sincerely hope we can get plenty of kids around the world interested in software testing. This is really for the better quality of IT in our world. Please share this in your IT, coding, testing, agile, DevOps etc. communities. Let's make it a movement!

Last month the book has been in beta reading with many testers, teachers, friends, and children. Many an evening I've been editing the comments into the text. Amazing beta rea…

How it all started

I got my first idea for a book that would combine fantasy and software testing years ago. I wanted to find a way to make software testing interesting to kids. People in the software testing industry understand very well that there is always a shortage of software testing. It usually stems from not knowing enough about the importance of testing. Testing is easily considered a necessary evil. However, it is enormous fun and a profession of its own. Why not tell about the fun of software testing already to children in an engaging way? Dragons and knights found their way into my book.

Finally, my sabbatical year gave me a chance to put some words together to make the story. I wrote the first draft of the first chapter in Finnish in late 2018 and sped up with the other chapters during the rest of my sabbatical in 2019.  There are many more steps to take, including deciding about the extent of illustration, negotiating with book publishers, and editing the book. But we'll get there soon…