Publishing in English done, new ventures starting

The year 2021 is over, and 2022 is starting! For Dragons Out Oy, 2021 was the "English publishing year".  Dragons Out! book English Edition was launched on July 30th, 2021 and delivered to those who preordered the book over the next few months. Next in line, there are translation projects, other interesting Dragons Out initiatives, and of course, lots of marketing and school cooperation. So, after many reviews, the English edition of Dragons Out! - the book about dragons, knights and software testing, was published on July 30th, 2021. It was a soft launch due to the holiday season. The deliveries rolled out to all those who preordered in the next few months. Covid-19 pandemic played its role making the delivery times extremely unpredictable. It didn't help that the EU treatment of UK deliveries due to Brexit changed on July 1st. Some shipments would go through in a few days, and some would take a few months. To my understanding everyone, who preordered the book through me

Alumnus of Aalto University thanks his Alma Mater

I got interviewed by my Alma Mater, the Aalto University, to their alumni stories article series. It was a good time for the interview now after winning the Award. The university, and student time in general, gave so much for me, some essential keys to building a life. Aalto University published the interview in both Finnish and English. Dragons out! Kari Kakkonen johdattaa lapset ohjelmistotestauksen maailmaan fantasian voimalla , Aalto University 9.12.2021 Dragons out! Kari Kakkonen employs fantasy to lead children into the world of software testing , Aalto University 9.12.2021 Looking back to my student years and what thas happened after that, I can see a continuum that started there, found a new place in working life and in volunteer associations, and finally helped children to learn software testing. Everything affects everything, me thinks! I can thoroughly recommend Aalto University. A great place to go to study, a great place to be alumni.

Dragons Out donation campaign press release

Testing books donated to schools: Republish of Knowit press release on the Dragons Out book donation campaign Link to original press release in English at corporate website. Link to original press release in Finnish  at Link to donation news in Finnish  at Link to Dragons Out donation campaign page Supporting the future society’s needs: Knowit’s charity campaign donated hundreds of children's software testing books Finnish ICT companies and associations have risen to the challenge issued by Knowit to donate software testing books to schools around Finland. The campaign aimed to better meet tomorrow’s ICT society’s needs by providing software education to developers and testers of the next generations. ICT sector’s effort towards the school world got official recognition when the donation campaign culminated by giving a Diploma of Donated Books to the Finnish Minister of Education, Li Andersson, in

Dragons Out! made it to the Best New Software Testing Books

Dragons Out! made it to the Best New Software Testing Books I'm happy to announce that my book, "Dragons Out!", made it to  BookAuthority's Best New Software Testing Books BookAuthority collects and ranks the best books in the world, and it is a great honour to get this kind of recognition. Thank you for all your support! The book is available for purchase  on Amazon  as well as on my publisher  Austin Macauley shop . This is especially great recognition, too, because the  Agile Testing Foundations -book that I co-authored in 2015 has made it to the Best Software Testing Books of All Time list!

Lots of celebration

Dragons Out book in English has received plenty of good feedback from different people and countries. The people who had preordered the English edition, have now been sending their first impressions. People congratulate on the good quality, the illustration, the great idea, an interesting read. Their children like it too, both the story and the illustration. I've received plenty of praise also based on me winning the EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award. Many articles and news have been published. It is flattering to read about all the praise, but of course, I believe in what I do, too. I think reaching out to children to teach them testing is definitely a worthwhile topic for all the praise.  Here are some links to related articles and news EuroSTAR blog " Feelings from the EuroSTAR winner Kari Kakkonen " Dragons Out! made it to the top of the list Best New Software Testing Books to read  (BookAuthority) EuroSTAR European Testing Excellence Award Kari Kakkoselle  (Tieturi)

European Testing Excellence Award from EuroSTAR to Kari

I feel very honoured, humble. I'm awarded for my work over the few decades but certainly especially for my work in the past few years with the Dragons Out book and trying to get the software testing message across to children and schools through this ground-breaking approach of fantasy book storytelling. I feel that the world has noticed the great initiative to bring the testing message to children. Feedback from children is of course most touching. I especially remember that the son of a friend of mine said after reading my book on his own: "Mom, I want to be a software tester when I grow up!" Many adults have read the Dragons Out book, too, and describe it as fantastic! It is so rewarding to hear this praise. The EuroSTAR conference explains on their award page  that "The EuroSTAR European Testing Excellence Award is the highest honour bestowed by our community. It is driven by peer nominations and is the ultimate recognition for those that continually give to the

Dragons Out English edition publishing party

It is time for a publishing party for the English edition of the Dragons Out! book! The Covid-19 is still out there, making meetings a bit challenging, although slowly possible. As for the publishing party of the English Dragons Out!, maybe the pandemic is even an opportunity. We are now used to meeting and even celebrating online, and because Dragons Out enthusiasts are spread in many countries, it is even suitable to have the celebration online, in Teams. So, get those bubbly bottles close by, glasses chilled, dress up to your best party gear and show up at my publishing party on Oct 7, 2021, at 16-17 CET. Send me an email kari.kakkonen at if you don't already have the invitation email directly. I'll be certain to have a bottle of champagne to open at the session. There were many preorders of the books and those preorders have been shipped to those kind souls who supported the book project by preordering books and even donating them to schools. Many more have b