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European Testing Excellence Award from EuroSTAR to Kari

I feel very honoured, humble. I'm awarded for my work over the few decades but certainly especially for my work in the past few years with the Dragons Out book and trying to get the software testing message across to children and schools through this ground-breaking approach of fantasy book storytelling. I feel that the world has noticed the great initiative to bring the testing message to children. Feedback from children is of course most touching. I especially remember that the son of a friend of mine said after reading my book on his own: "Mom, I want to be a software tester when I grow up!" Many adults have read the Dragons Out book, too, and describe it as fantastic! It is so rewarding to hear this praise. The EuroSTAR conference explains on their award page  that "The EuroSTAR European Testing Excellence Award is the highest honour bestowed by our community. It is driven by peer nominations and is the ultimate recognition for those that continually give to the