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Preorders available - spring and lifelong learning excerpt

Today's excerpt from Dragons Out book is about spring - it has been quite pleasant here spring in Finland, if you don't count the Covid-19 challenges. The excerpt also reminds all of us about the importance of life-long learning. Even if you learn something at an early age (like the kids in the book learn dragon hunting / software testing), you are never ready. There's always more to learn. The sage Cho has understood this. Pre-orders of both English and Finnish book are still available - just contact me via the contact form. I much appreciate those who have preordered the book in the past few months to make my book project easier. Thank you. And the excerpt: One day, as the golden spring sun gently tickled the guards' noses on the walls of Iron Lake, they saw a horse galloping towards the village gates. The cousins Tom and Laura just got off guard duty and rushed to the gate to meet the rider. A young woman in hunter's clothing jumped down from the back of the snor