Preorders available - spring and lifelong learning excerpt

Today's excerpt from Dragons Out book is about spring - it has been quite pleasant here spring in Finland, if you don't count the Covid-19 challenges. The excerpt also reminds all of us about the importance of life-long learning. Even if you learn something at an early age (like the kids in the book learn dragon hunting / software testing), you are never ready. There's always more to learn. The sage Cho has understood this.

Pre-orders of both English and Finnish book are still available - just contact me via the contact form. I much appreciate those who have preordered the book in the past few months to make my book project easier. Thank you.

And the excerpt:

One day, as the golden spring sun gently tickled the guards' noses on the walls of Iron Lake, they saw a horse galloping towards the village gates. The cousins Tom and Laura just got off guard duty and rushed to the gate to meet the rider. A young woman in hunter's clothing jumped down from the back of the snorting horse. She had a bow on her shoulder and a quiver of arrows on her back. She introduced herself as Eve. She asked to see Sage Cho immediately. The youngsters promised to take her to Cho.

They made their way towards a house at the village square, where Cho now lived. During the winter, Cho had made excellent progress on reading all of the books in the village. Only the writings of a few houses remained. It was good because the last snow had melted. Winter was over. Cho immersed himself in an ancient book with thick leather covers in the library of the house. When he heard the Laura and Tom arrive in the room, he carefully closed the book and turned to greet the guests. Eve introduced herself and explained that she had come from Forest Castle, from where she had left yesterday. Eve had ridden as hard as possible to get to Fish Lake and stayed there overnight. She had made the trip to Iron Lake at an equally dizzying pace. Now, the horse needed rest.

In the story, Cho continues to gather information. Although he is an experienced sage, he understands that learning is lifelong. A tester continually follows developments in the testing industry and tries new things to learn how to become a better tester.


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