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Celebrating the publishing deals of Dragons Out book

On the beautiful summer day, we decided that now is the time to celebrate the fact that Dragons Out book has both English and Finnish publishers. The English publisher Austin Macauley was chosen in March and the Finnish publisher Avain in June. Both have all the necessary texts and illustrations for taking the work towards the published book. Now we just wait and take a moment to enjoy the progress so far. Well, there will be more to do, of course. Reviews of proofreading and design. Plenty of marketing to do on many forums. There's the blog to write. There's another school donation campaign to arrange (remember last autumn many companies funded the book by preorders that they will donate to schools for students to read). I'll continue the campaign come this autumn. Stay tuned. And as a reminder, share the book project with your network! And preorder either the English or Finnish version by contacting me via the contact form : ). Below the author Kari Kakkonen and illustra

Finnish publisher will be Avain

I am glad to announce that I have signed the publishing contract for the Finnish version of Dragons Out book! The considerations took place on their own pace over winter, but finally, I was able to choose out of three publishing options and chose Avain . They have a great variety of children's books, professional books and educational books - and are thus a great fit for my book. The Finnish Dragons Out will be published as a hardcover book only. Those few who chose an electronic book will get a hardcover book instead or can choose the English electronic book. The publishing date of the Finnish book is before Christmas, currently set to Dec 1st, 2020, so the book makes an excellent Christmas present for any thoughtful parent or company. You can already preorder from me using the contact form on this site. I really appreciate anyone making up their minds early on as it will diminish some of the uncertainty that exists now in Covid-19 times. The publishing date of the English book is