Finnish publisher will be Avain

I am glad to announce that I have signed the publishing contract for the Finnish version of Dragons Out book! The considerations took place on their own pace over winter, but finally, I was able to choose out of three publishing options and chose Avain. They have a great variety of children's books, professional books and educational books - and are thus a great fit for my book.

The Finnish Dragons Out will be published as a hardcover book only. Those few who chose an electronic book will get a hardcover book instead or can choose the English electronic book.

The publishing date of the Finnish book is before Christmas, currently set to Dec 1st, 2020, so the book makes an excellent Christmas present for any thoughtful parent or company. You can already preorder from me using the contact form on this site. I really appreciate anyone making up their minds early on as it will diminish some of the uncertainty that exists now in Covid-19 times.

The publishing date of the English book is not yet set but it is hopefully also before Christmas - anyway, the publishing process has started many months ago. I hope to be able to give you a definitive date soon enough.

Here's an excerpt from the book, concerning a situation with many small defects (even typos). This reminds me of the numerous review rounds I've done to the book so far with the help of my friendly pilot readers. No doubt the technical editing phase will give me one more review round : ).

The excerpt:

So, the villagers had encountered a herd of small dragons, which seemed to be growing. Possibly, the dragons couldn't fly. The dragons were good at hiding because no-one saw them. What else was known about them? As the dragons only stole animals, they certainly liked easy food. The villagers planned late into the night because they wanted to figure out a way to get the dragons. When they woke up in the morning, they heard from Yellowbeard that another dragon attack had taken place at night: one more hole in the wooden palisade and a lot of lost animals.

Not all software defects are big and severe. Even small defects can be very severe, and you need to fix them immediately. A minor defect can just be one typo, but it can still cause a lot of problems. In the story, small dragons manage to take so many animals that the situation begins to get out of control. On the other hand, very big, visible defects do not necessarily lead to defect fixes if they are not severe, so they do not cause much harm. A visible but not severe defect may be, for example, a website home page full of annoying typos. Nobody dies or loses money because of them.


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