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Dragons Out Silver Partner of DASA Connect

Are you wondering how you can transform your organization into DevOps culture and practices? Or are you just transforming your organization to a cloud-native, AI-enabled, fast, feedback-seeking organization promoting autonomous teams? (That is DevOps too : ). And what is the role of testing in all of that?  To the last question, you'll get some answers and you'll be able to contribute with your own experience by joining my workshop (co-facilitated by Rik Marselis).  We planned a great workshop where we explain first a little bit about how testing and quality fit in Agile, then, as an extension, how they fit in DevOps. After the introduction, we go into a facilitated workshop, where we together brainstorm and discuss different ways of quality and testing to be present in the DevOps loop as early as possible to have the best effect on great quality and better business for the companies and smoother experience for the users. And to the rest of the questions - many other great free