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English layout reviewed, survey results, book extract

 I have some great news! My English publisher Austin Macauley sent me the layout of the English edition of the Dragons Out book, and I've just reviewed it. The work proceeds nicely. I also got an estimate that the publishing date may be in about two months. We are getting there! A more precise schedule will be available once we get to the printing process. Those who have preordered the English version of the book will soon get their books! In my last blog, I published the feedback survey for all others who have ordered the Finnish book than the schools. You may remember the great feedback averages from the first responses to the school survey. Now, I'm happy to give you the first results of the other readers' survey. The book gets a super average of 4.8 on a scale of 1-5. The presentation gets a 4.33 average. The readers estimated also how much the children liked the book, too, with an average of 4.0. Thank you all who answered the two surveys so far. Keep the responses com

Feedback survey, great article and voting!

Last week I sent out a feedback survey to Finnish schools, and the first numbers are great! Now I'm launching a similar survey to all Finnish readers, here . Also, it is encouraging to see a flattering article in MAL-magazine. How about voting me for the Tester of the Year with the book project as the main merit? The first results of the feedback survey for schools have arrived. The book gets a nice average of 4.2 on a scale of 1-5. The presentation gets a 4.25 average. The teachers estimated also how much the children liked the book, too, with an average of 4.2. Encouraging numbers and other data, too. Now, how about the rest of the Finnish readers? What have you done with your books? Would you please spend 5 minutes answering the survey,   here ? I try to pull together some more statistics in April, so I appreciate your answers in March is possible! Good decision-making is data-driven, so I'd like to get your feedback on what to do next, I was interviewed by MAL-magazine and

Vote Kari for Tester of the Year with the Dragons Out book credits

 Vote for me to be Tester of the Year 2020 in Finland! Publishing the Dragons Out children's book about testing really contributes to the software testing world! : ) I'm honoured! Vote using this form  - just click my name and "lähetä" in the end!  I truly want to contribute not only to the software testing domain but to a better world. I think software testing is the natural route towards that. Better testing, better quality, better software, better business and society, a better world. Or the other way around, fewer defects in the software, less damage to business, lives and environment. The whole idea of the Dragons Out book is to raise awareness with children (and adults, too!) that looking for good quality is an outstanding objective in anyone's life, be it a user of a software or part of the software development team. Testing is then part of that search for good quality, trying to influence in removing d