Feedback survey, great article and voting!

Last week I sent out a feedback survey to Finnish schools, and the first numbers are great! Now I'm launching a similar survey to all Finnish readers, here. Also, it is encouraging to see a flattering article in MAL-magazine. How about voting me for the Tester of the Year with the book project as the main merit?

The first results of the feedback survey for schools have arrived. The book gets a nice average of 4.2 on a scale of 1-5. The presentation gets a 4.25 average. The teachers estimated also how much the children liked the book, too, with an average of 4.2. Encouraging numbers and other data, too. Now, how about the rest of the Finnish readers? What have you done with your books? Would you please spend 5 minutes answering the survey,  here? I try to pull together some more statistics in April, so I appreciate your answers in March is possible! Good decision-making is data-driven, so I'd like to get your feedback on what to do next,

I was interviewed by MAL-magazine and my interview is on page 10 of the mag here. MAL (Academic Association for Mathematics and Natural Sciences – MAL) promotes Mathematics and Natural Sciences and its professionals on the field, and they thought the software testing book for children fits into their domain nicely. I had a most interesting discussion with Ilkka Norros who interviewed me. He also read the book to get good insights. Thanks for the interview and discussion, and the insightful article, Ilkka! 

The last moments of the voting me to be the Tester of the Year in Finland. My previous blog post explained this competition in more detail, but basically, the award is for people who advanced software testing in some way. Me publishing a book about software testing, and for a new audience (children) is a very powerful advancement of the testing. Anyone can vote, so I'd be happy if you voted for me.

For the English readers, currently nothing new from my English publisher Austin Macauley. However, I expect they are working on the book as usual. Step by step, we are getting there!


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