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Dragons Out book first chapter as an EuroSTAR Huddle ebook

The first chapter of the Dragons Out book can be read as a very nice EuroSTAR Huddle ebook I'm happy about the cooperation with EuroSTAR software testing conferences organization about this ebook. Readers at the Huddle have access to all sorts of interesting software testing related content, and now my Dragons Out book is featured there, too! Of course, the full book (ebook or printed version) will only be available through the publishing of the whole book. Speaking of which, I have a very interesting discussion going on with several English publishers and expect to have a publishing agreement in a few weeks.

The team that created Dragons Out book

This is a slightly edited republish of the Dragons Out team introduction from the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign page. The team is, of course, me as the author and Adri as the illustrator. Read on to learn more about our background. I am well versed in writing in both English and Finnish. I am a co-author of the Agile Testing Foundations book  responsible for 1/7 of the book content. I am a fluent blog writer in Finnish and English, which you can see from the links at my home page . Professionally, as a consultant, I also get to write very often some extremely comprehensive reports in Finnish and English. I have dedicated my professional life to bringing better testing into the world.  Most of all this is visible via my volunteer activity as the elected Secretary of ISTQB, the largest software testing association in the world, based in Brussels, Belgium. Previously I acted as the Treasurer of ISTQB. I

What is the book Dragons Out all about

This blog post is a republish of how I described the book last autumn in the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. It gives some depth to the book. The book tells a growth story of two 10-year old children , Laura and Tom, from kids into knight apprentices.   They learn about dragons and knights fighting those dragons, and get into real action themselves, too . They get help from male and female knights and a wise old sage. The stories take place in a setting resembling medieval Europe. As these fantasy stories unfold,   I explain to the readers the software development and testing world in analogies or parallels. Each chapter introduces another type of dragon, which represents a software defect/bug in the real world. Knights represent software testers and developers.  Villagers and the two children represent software users. And so on. Everything is an analogy. Obviously, the knights and villagers want the dragons out of their towns and villages, hence also the name of the book “Dra