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Testing in one team - sample from Chapter 2

Today, I'd like to share a bit of Chapter 2 with all of you. Before that some news. I have interesting discussions going on with both English and Finnish publishers. Let's see which publishers I end up with. As for the pictures in the book, priority 3 illustration is almost done. Here is one. And now, to the sample text from Chapter 2. Enjoy! There was also a little boy, Tom. He had come to Forest Castle to spend the summer with his Aunt Rachel. His parents were busy this summer, so Tom’s mother had persuaded her sister to take care of Tom in the summer months. Tom spent his time playing with other children at the palisade. The logs formed a fine maze to play tag or hide and seek. There were holes here and there through which a small child could squeeze. Awesome secret doors in the maze! However, when Tom saw the knights arrive, he found a new interest. The knights' shiny armor and sharp weapons were nice to admire. Tom began to spend his days near the knights.

English sample layout of Chapter 1

I've made progress! I've translated everything to English and received and processed review comments for all the chapters from the first English pilot readers. So the big chunk of creative work is done, although plenty of reviewing and editing still remain. As for publishers, the process of selecting publishers for both Finnish and English version of the book is on-going. Those processes are always slow so I expect them to take more time. Concerning illustration, Adri is working on the priority three pictures, made possible by the 2019 crowdfunding campaign. We both think that after that illustration the balance of text and pictures will be rather optimal. In the sample below, only priority 1 pictures are used. Here I've turned the English sample layout of chapter 1 into pictures. This is the whole chapter including the introductory parts. Enjoy. Make sure to Subscribe to the blog to get more news!

Peak into the author work environment

Dragons Out book translation to English progresses nicely. I've mostly worked from home on my translation days, between workdays. Currently, I'm working on the last chapter. It's nice to get the flow going, surrounded by nice familiar items, including my son's pet dragon (not real, mind you  : ). I utilize Word, Grammarly, Google Translate and a great number of other translation sites in my translation work. Also, I read many sites on the use of the medieval bow, riding a horse, building castles, etc. to get the concepts, words, and details right in English. I did the same in Finnish, of course. For software testing content I rely on my knowledge of testing backed up by a number of books from diverse backgrounds.