Testing in one team - sample from Chapter 2

Today, I'd like to share a bit of Chapter 2 with all of you.

Before that some news. I have interesting discussions going on with both English and Finnish publishers. Let's see which publishers I end up with. As for the pictures in the book, priority 3 illustration is almost done. Here is one.

And now, to the sample text from Chapter 2. Enjoy!

There was also a little boy, Tom. He had come to Forest Castle to spend the summer with his Aunt Rachel. His parents were busy this summer, so Tom’s mother had persuaded her sister to take care of Tom in the summer months. Tom spent his time playing with other children at the palisade. The logs formed a fine maze to play tag or hide and seek. There were holes here and there through which a small child could squeeze. Awesome secret doors in the maze! However, when Tom saw the knights arrive, he found a new interest. The knights' shiny armor and sharp weapons were nice to admire. Tom began to spend his days near the knights.

Yellowbeard and two other knights had designed the shape of the palisade on a large piece of parchment. Knight Swanlake and two other knights helped the villagers to place the logs firmly in the ground and tie them together with ropes. The palisade would be made as sturdy as possible. Swanlake also had the task of keeping any dragons at bay.

The software development team has divided the tasks of software development in a way that everyone gets to use their special skills. Yellowbeard can design and build the palisade. He is a typical developer, especially able to design and code software. Swanlake also knows how to find dragons.  Out of all team members, she has the most testing skills. She can find defects.

Four of the knights had spent several days in the nearby woods under the leadership of the knight Furysword, choosing suitable trees for felling with the villagers. Probably oaks, or maybe pines, but big enough trees anyway.

Furysword was looking for trees for the palisade. In the world of software development, he was planning which parts to use for building the software. The team of Furysword is in practice a software architect team, who has an independent task to code some parts of the software or to find suitable ready-made software coded by someone else. Using these parts, the actual software, the online store, can be built easily.


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