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Translations in the works

The year 2023 flew past. I spent plenty of time on the software testing leadership handbook ACT 2 LEAD , which I completed and published with my fantastic FiSTB colleague Marko Rytk√∂nen. With that, we hope to raise awareness of software testing in the non-testing parts of any organization, as their decisions greatly affect software testing. However, I haven't forgotten the Dragons Out books and the need for children's learning. The free PowerPoint presentation, Dragon Lesson in Software Testing, available under a Creative Commons (i.e. free) license, keeps getting more languages. At the time of writing this, it is available in 22 languages. The latest addition is the Arabic language. For that, numerous thanks to Mohammad Khlouf and Taha Othman/YouNovel. I also mention recent translations of Portuguese, Korean, Japanese and Czech. And then several translations are underway - thumbs up for the volunteers doing them. The translation projects include Hindi, Hebrew, Slovakian, Danis