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Portuguese version of Dragon Lesson in Software Testing

Time flies. I've been busy with another book project, a test leadership handbook with my FiSTB colleague Marko Rytkönen. More news about it later, but I can leak some news that the cover is by my Dragons Out illustrator, the fabulous Adrienn Széll. Also, the translation efforts of the Dragons Out book and the free Creative Commons licensed Dragon Lesson in Software Testing presentation proceed. And I did some summer reading campaigning - fun and useful reads are always good, but especially in summer, right? The Portuguese version of the Dragon Lesson in Software Testing has now been published. Teresa Fernandes took the challenge and translated it. Filipe Nuno Carlos did the review. I'll let everyone here learn a bit of testing in Portuguese: Testar = Experimentar, verificar e testar com diferentes valores, ordens e formas para compreender se alguma coisa funciona ou quão bem funciona.  I'm more than happy that we have one more language in the set of 20+ translations of the