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Dragons Out eBook in French campaign price

First of all, dear readers, I'm happy to announce that the Dragons Out book in French (Ouste, les dragons ! Un livre sur les dragons, les chevaliers et les tests de logiciels) is now available as an e-book! And there's a campaign price of 4,99€ until April 17, 2023. Now, dear French-speaking fans of Dragons Out, there's no other alternative than to get the book! You can buy the e-book or printed book here at the publisher's website or just google for your favourite book store. There's some planned exposure to the book planned for 2023. It will be presented in a surprising way at the main French software testing conference JFTL 13-14.6.2023 . Go there and embrace the surprise! There are other French-speaking events in numerous countries, of course. Let me know if you'd like to see me or the book feature at your event - let's see what we can make happen.  I'm also thinking of recording the Dragon Lesson in Software Testing in French, too, to support French