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Publishing in English done, new ventures starting

The year 2021 is over, and 2022 is starting! For Dragons Out Oy, 2021 was the "English publishing year".  Dragons Out! book English Edition was launched on July 30th, 2021 and delivered to those who preordered the book over the next few months. Next in line, there are translation projects, other interesting Dragons Out initiatives, and of course, lots of marketing and school cooperation. So, after many reviews, the English edition of Dragons Out! - the book about dragons, knights and software testing, was published on July 30th, 2021. It was a soft launch due to the holiday season. The deliveries rolled out to all those who preordered in the next few months. Covid-19 pandemic played its role making the delivery times extremely unpredictable. It didn't help that the EU treatment of UK deliveries due to Brexit changed on July 1st. Some shipments would go through in a few days, and some would take a few months. To my understanding everyone, who preordered the book through me