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Dragons Out! webinar, translations, celebration

 A lot of interesting things are happening around the Dragons Out! book. These are interesting times for me and all the stakeholders in the Dragons Out! scheme. Tomorrow August 19, 2021,  I'll speak about the Dragons Out! book in the Exactpro webinar. This is going to be an interesting one, as I'll be discussing experiences and learning gathered in the past half a year, building on the presentations I delivered earlier. I also will have interesting interactive exercises! You can register for the free webinar here . It is 16.00 CET so it will fit the schedule of many people. I am planning to have an English Edition Publishing Party, online via Zoom in a few weeks. More about that then the time comes. Already, I and my illustrator Adrienn SzĂ©ll celebrated the publishing of English Edition privately, marvelling at the look of the new book (the author copies were the first to be delivered). You can join in our joy of finally getting the book published by looking at the below pictur