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Another sample from chapter 1

The stories kept getting wilder. In the end, Old Abe said out loud what many already thought. It's a dragon! It eats our sheep. Could it be so? People also remembered that in tales, brave knights fought against dragons. Could a brave knight from nearby Mountain City help solve this problem? Villagers decided to send the village elder, Amanda, to ask for the knight's help. The red dragon of the story is a defect, which is the cause of the memory leak. So, the memory leak is a failure in the behavior of the software. The defect in the code causes the failure. The developer has made an error in her coding, thus creating the defect. The developer can remove the defect by writing the code in a better way. Respectively, the dragon can be killed or vanquished.

Sample from chapter 1 and some news

The English translation of the book is going nicely. I'm currently working on the 5th chapter, so the speed of translation is nice, considering my available time. I also have the first three pilot readers engaged to tune the English text to the next level. I intend to put in short samples of the English translation of the book here every now and then. To read those nice posts and to hear news of the book project, please subscribe to this blog using the button on the top of the front page. And ask others to subscribe, too! I've started gathering the marketing network for the book. I'm happy to tell you that the influential Software and E-business association in Finland (Ohjelmisto- ja e-business ry) has promised to tell its members about the book once it is ready next year. Thank you! With this happy news, I would like to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And the sample from chapter 1: In the following days, Laura returned to the village with distur