Sample from chapter 1 and some news

The English translation of the book is going nicely. I'm currently working on the 5th chapter, so the speed of translation is nice, considering my available time. I also have the first three pilot readers engaged to tune the English text to the next level.

I intend to put in short samples of the English translation of the book here every now and then. To read those nice posts and to hear news of the book project, please subscribe to this blog using the button on the top of the front page. And ask others to subscribe, too!
I've started gathering the marketing network for the book. I'm happy to tell you that the influential Software and E-business association in Finland (Ohjelmisto- ja e-business ry) has promised to tell its members about the book once it is ready next year. Thank you!
With this happy news, I would like to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
And the sample from chapter 1:
In the following days, Laura returned to the village with disturbing news. Another sheep had disappeared two days later. And one more the next day. And another two days later. Laura began to suspect that something else than dangerous gorges was now the threat. The rest of the village was starting to get worried now. A friendly farmer, Charles, lent the girl his sheepdog, Buddy, to keep the herd together. If only this skilled long-haired friend would keep the sheep out of the dangers of gorges.

Laura no longer lost her sheep. She and the dog became good friends. She asked Charles if she could keep the dog. It was so nice to rub it behind the ears and stroke its long, soft hair. Buddy helped a lot with herding. The work was more comfortable with two. The dog licked Laura's hand in the most comforting way every time he came next to her or when he was petted. The farmer agreed because he had many dogs.

If the code of the game has a memory leak, the game gradually starts to use more and more memory, until all memory is used and the mobile phone starts to act strangely. Everything works more slowly. The game can freeze for a moment. Finally, the whole phone can shut down. In the story, sheep start disappearing without explanation, exactly like in a faulty software the memory seems to disappear without a reason.


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