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Sample layout of chapter 1 in Finnish

For those who would like a preview of what the book might look like, you can take a look at some snapshors of the sample layout of the book in Finnish. It serves as a design guideline for publishers. For those who have ordered the book already through  or are still thinking about it, you can get a feel of what the final result may look like. Final designer will no doubt use some creativity, but the basics will be like this.   

Article in Dimensio-magazine

I recently had a chance to write in the magazine of math teachers. Mathematics is one of the natural stepping stones towards software development and software testing. The association of math teachers (MAOL) has been interested in cooperation with me. They considered software testing to be an interesting angle for anyone interested in mathematics. I wrote about my book writing project and how software testing can be taught to children via a fantasy book. The article is in Finnish here: