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Dragons Out in French

We've been working on the French edition of the Dragons Out book. My good friend and colleague Olivier Denoo translated the book into French some time ago. Now the time was right to publish it through BoD. My amazing illustrator Adrienn Széll adapted the Finnish layout to French. As always with layouts, there are several rounds of checks and fixes to get the flow of text and pictures right. Actually, the process resembles software testing a lot! We are happy to announce that Dragons Out book can be ordered in French from the French publisher . It is priced similarly to other language editions of Dragons Out books to a low price level to be affordable to schools, parents and testers alike. It is a softback version of the book, with colour pics by Adrienn Széll in the chapters and black and white pictures in the exercises. In a few weeks, there will also be an e-book, which will be fully translated to be scalable to different e-book readers. The e-book has a limited-time

Amazing feedback and school visits

 I recently got some  amazing feedback  from a 9-year-old reader through his dad. The Dragons Out book was an exciting Christmas present that the boy started reading on his own. He did the exercises at the end of the chapters and was really thrilled about them ("I did all of those great exercises!"). Upon asking why the book was so thrilling, he answered, "It was a great book because it had true things and fantasy side by side, and the exercises were fun!". It feels so good to hear such feedback - keep it coming! The unique approach of fantasy coupled with testing works. Remember my school visits, earlier? It is  again time to have school visits in Finland , too. It is especially nice now that face-to-face meetings are possible, and I don't need to access the school class virtually over a Teams meeting. That works too, yes, with a teacher facilitating in the class, but it is so much nicer and more concrete to meet and teach children face-to-face. I asked for som