Dragons Out in French

We've been working on the French edition of the Dragons Out book. My good friend and colleague Olivier Denoo translated the book into French some time ago. Now the time was right to publish it through BoD. My amazing illustrator Adrienn Széll adapted the Finnish layout to French. As always with layouts, there are several rounds of checks and fixes to get the flow of text and pictures right. Actually, the process resembles software testing a lot!

We are happy to announce that Dragons Out book can be ordered in French from the French publisher www.bod.fr. It is priced similarly to other language editions of Dragons Out books to a low price level to be affordable to schools, parents and testers alike. It is a softback version of the book, with colour pics by Adrienn Széll in the chapters and black and white pictures in the exercises.

In a few weeks, there will also be an e-book, which will be fully translated to be scalable to different e-book readers. The e-book has a limited-time offer of less than 5 euros for the first 8 weeks since publication. Make sure to get it! I'm happy to be able to offer this great reading and learning experience to French readers in multiple formats.

The book is excellent educational material for French-speaking schools anywhere in the world. It makes a perfect companion for parents to explain to their French-speaking children what IT and software testing are. I hope to get a chance to make a school visit to a French school in the near future. Let's see how that works out!


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