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Finnish article about book project and a book extract

I wrote an article about how the book project happened from start to this point! This one is in Finnish. The Finnish Association of Software Testing (FAST -  Sytyke TestausOSY) published it in their Laatu and Testaus (Quality and Testing) magazine this week. Writing the article was a great exercise of looking back and looking into the future at the same time. I've reflected similar themes in my recent conference presentations. I also reflect what I've learned about how children learn, and specifically how they learn about software testing. If you want to take a look at the article and my book writing story, please read it in this link . I'll later have an English version out, for those who prefer that language. Bit of news: the Finnish version of the book is now in the printing house. I've just seen and reviewed the last proofs this week. It will be published on Dec 1, 2020, as announced. As for the English version, the tech edit stage of the English publisher is still

Dragons Out posters and book extract

As part of the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, a perk called Dragons Out poster was available. I've shipped the posters in October and used Redbubble service for the poster print & delivery. As a side effect of that choice, anyone else can now easily order a poster from there! It is a really nice poster -  a combination of two pictures from the Dragons Out book. The poster page is here  for anyone who is interested. And of course, you can still preorder more of my book at  The book extract of the week is below. Enjoy! They were about to leave for breakfast in the castle mess hall when a young messenger appeared at their door. She conveyed the invitation of Lord Walther to come to the main hall for breakfast. Sage Cho, the knights Yellowbeard and Swanlake, and ten other knights were in the hall talking to the lord. The night's damage was greater than before. One knight died as a result of injuries from the dragon&#

Live recording about the Dragons Out book and book excerpt

Giving a keynote speech is a pleasant task but even more thrilling is to talk about my project "Dragons Out" and how has it all come together, with ups and downs. I gave the keynote at RTC online 2020 conference . The presentation was also sent live to Youtube and Facebook, and you can watch the live recording here . In the presentation, I discussed how children learn and why have I chosen the approach of storytelling to teach children the art of software testing. I then discussed the book project timeline, also touching the emotional timeline I've experienced. Then I explained how testing concepts come alive with analogies of fantasy stories, using dragons, knights, children, villagers etc. This last part will eventually evolve into a free PowerPoint slide deck about testing for all the teachers in the world to use. There was also a drawing competition. Each participant got to draw their own dragon, representing a defect, and send the photo of the dragon to me by email.