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News and book reviews of Dragons Out Finnish book

It's great to get reviews and articles in different newspapers and websites. The latest ones to tell about the world about the Dragons Out book - bringing software testing to children - are Dimensio-magazine and Kakkonen Family association. Dimensio-magazine is the MAOL's official magazine, bringing out topics important for all math teachers. They ran an interview with me already a year ago, and now they did a book review of the Dragons Out book. Tuomo Riekkinen from MAOL ry read the book and wrote many kind words in his book review here:  Dragons Out - lohikäärmesatuja nuorille . Kakkonen Family association is the family research association of Kakkonen Family, so it was great to get my story there, to tell everyone what yet another Kakkonen has accomplished. The article is here . And only a week before I was on the front-page of Keski-Häme newspaper - or rather one of the dragons from book illustration by Adri Szell was there. It was a great piece about book donations to scho

Front-page news in Keski-Häme newspaper

The New Year has started well for Dragons Out books. The book donation of 30 books to Tuulos Elementary School made front-page news in Keski-Häme newspaper. I drove to the school personally to hand out the books and discuss the book and learning software testing with Principal Antti Lamminpää of the School. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Keski-Häme journalist present to interview both of us. It would have been nice to see how kids react in getting the books, which was what I and the Principal planned originally, but the increase in Covid-19 cases spoiled that plan. Well, this was nice, too! Well done Mikko Kaloinen Foundation, who donated these books to Tuulos school! My humble thanks. You can read the scan of the article at the end of this blog post, in Finnish. Link to Keski-Häme article is here . Other news - my preorder stock of Finnish Dragons Out books is almost sold out. There are some copies left, and if you (or your company) buy them from me, you still get to participa