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Dragons Out at EuroSTAR and a Learning excerpt from book

Today EuroSTAR announced the program of this largest software testing conference in Europe. My Dragons Out talk about how children learn about software testing is there! The conference takes place online this year due to the unprecedented Covid-19 crisis. Anyway, it will be great! So join me there to hear more about how children learn - and of course a bit about the book : ) As for today's excerpt from the book, I've chosen a piece about learning, as EuroSTAR theme for 2020 is Learn Together From Anywhere. This excerpt is from chapter four. It also features the name of the book! -- When autumn arrived, the villagers put the logs in place. Each log was driven deep into the ground, and the builders filled the pit around the log to the ground level. In this way, each log stood firmly on its own. Each time there were ten logs upright, three crossbeams joined them. Mathilda's wood-building skills were needed. The work progressed nicely. After summer, the villagers buil

Usability defect and Covid-19 message

Dragons Out book's English version is in the publishing process of Austin Macauley. Currently, I don't have a publishing date proposal from them, but the book is proceeding nicely. As for the Finnish version, I have two offers from Finnish publishers and I am pondering them. The big question for both language versions of the book is the effect of Covid-19 pandemic to book sales in general. I think both versions can be available well in time for the Christmas market, but is that a good time to launch a book this year? Drop me a line through the contact form, and give me your opinion. Thanks very much for helping in this bit of market research. Today's excerpt from the book for your enjoyment is taken from Chapter 6 which is about usability. This particular piece gives the background for the adventure, and it is talking about isolation, appropriately for these Covid-19-ridden times. I hope you find it amusing. Enjoy. And stay safe. -- Due to the dragon's regular