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English Dragons Out book to be published on July 30, 2021

The English edition of Dragons Out book about software testing for children and adults will be published on the 30th of July, 2021. I'm currently contacting all those who preordered the English book to confirm their shipping addresses. Soon all will be able to enjoy the book! I would like to thank sincerely again all those who have helped me in the book publishing journey by preordering the book. Thank you very much! It has been a long, windy journey. The English publisher Austin Macauley took their time in publishing due to Covid-19 hurries. However, now I'm happy to have reviewed and approved their final proof of the book layout. Everything seems to be in order. Typos fixed, pictures on correct pages, the flow of the book working beautifully. It will be a good read! In fact, why don't you rate the book in, come to speak of it! : ) The English edition reflects the Finnish book in many aspects. However, as the English language flows differently, in a more cond

Encouraging Children into Testing paper for EuroSTAR

I wrote this 10-page piece for EuroSTAR 2020 conference to go with my presentation at that Europe's largest conference. In spring 2021 they published it as a EuroSTAR book. You can get it from this link . Here I've created a version of that paper for the readers of my blog. This is good reading anticipating the publishing of the English edition of Dragons Out book this summer.  Enjoy! 1           Software Testing for Children Society needs IT and testing skills. There is a persistent lack of both programming and testing skills on the job market. The lack becomes worse as our societies include more and more software. We need ever more programmers, and testers, too. You need to test your software.   A popular solution to safeguard our future of IT development, or even the computer literacy of all of our citizens, is to include coding classes in schools so that children can learn software development at an early age. This approach, for a software tester, is missing an esse