English Dragons Out book to be published on July 30, 2021

The English edition of Dragons Out book about software testing for children and adults will be published on the 30th of July, 2021. I'm currently contacting all those who preordered the English book to confirm their shipping addresses. Soon all will be able to enjoy the book! I would like to thank sincerely again all those who have helped me in the book publishing journey by preordering the book. Thank you very much!

It has been a long, windy journey. The English publisher Austin Macauley took their time in publishing due to Covid-19 hurries. However, now I'm happy to have reviewed and approved their final proof of the book layout. Everything seems to be in order. Typos fixed, pictures on correct pages, the flow of the book working beautifully. It will be a good read! In fact, why don't you rate the book in Goodreads.com, come to speak of it! : )

The English edition reflects the Finnish book in many aspects. However, as the English language flows differently, in a more condensed way, the rhythm of the pictures that bring the book alive is different, too. The pictures are tied to certain paragraphs in the story, after all. Anyway, same illustration, but on slightly different pages. We've also upgraded the book cover to use a few interesting pictures from within the book. I'm sure you'll love it. See the screenshot below!

This is a good time to remind you why the book is so important. The book broadens the traditional audience of software testing books significantly. With the easy-to-approach fantasy stories, it works for any adult to get acquainted with software testing. Just a few weeks ago, an adult student of my soon-to-be course declared that for starters she had read my Finnish Dragons Out book and had liked it a lot! More importantly, with the book and its supporting presentation materials for teachers, the world of software testing is now wide open for children to get enthusiastic about! Based on the Finnish audience feedback so far I expect most of the readers of the English edition to be children, too. Still, cheers to all the adults who have the courage to pick the book up and read it just for themselves. Let me know what is your favorite hidden analogy to the software testing world! There are some that only adults will notice!

We do need more and more people for software testing. The increase in the number of software in the world and the growing complexity of software systems brings so much testing around, that we can't manage all that testing even with all the reskilling taking place in software teams, or the ever-important test automation, or the new promises of artificial intelligence. We need also more people for software testing. To get them interested in software testing, we need to tell them early about software testing.


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