English sample layout of Chapter 1

I've made progress! I've translated everything to English and received and processed review comments for all the chapters from the first English pilot readers. So the big chunk of creative work is done, although plenty of reviewing and editing still remain.

As for publishers, the process of selecting publishers for both Finnish and English version of the book is on-going. Those processes are always slow so I expect them to take more time.

Concerning illustration, Adri is working on the priority three pictures, made possible by the 2019 crowdfunding campaign. We both think that after that illustration the balance of text and pictures will be rather optimal. In the sample below, only priority 1 pictures are used.

Here I've turned the English sample layout of chapter 1 into pictures. This is the whole chapter including the introductory parts. Enjoy. Make sure to Subscribe to the blog to get more news!


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