Dragons Out book events and ACT 2 LEAD book coming out

Many things happening. I keep promoting the Dragons Out book and software testing to schools and people in general, but I've also been very involved in a new book for leaders in organizations, ACT 2 LEAD.

First, what's new with Dragons Out. I recently had a chance to exhibit at a teacher trade fair Päijät-Hämeen mentoripäivä 2023. (see the pic at the end). It was great to be invited there again and have my book and free teacher materials exhibited to many teachers! There, and also generally, I have offered to come to speak for free at schools. I can manage such visits a few times per year, even though I have a busy schedule. Any takers? Classes 4-9 are the most suitable audience. Sign up here.

Over the past few years, I've also exhibited at the US Book Show, the Frankfurt International Book Fair, the American Association of School Librarians Book Fair, the Finnish Book Fair and ITK-fair Finland, to mention a few.

There's the biggest book fair in Finland coming up on 26-29.10.2023, the Finnish book fair (Kirjamessut). I'm exhibiting at the stand of the publisher of my 2nd Finnish edition of the Dragons Out book, the BoD (Books on Demand). I'll be at the BoD stand personally for some time to give some autographs on Sunday morning. Head to the book fair, find the BoD stand and my book there, and buy a few copies for Christmas presents! Or get them online here.

Dragons Out book translations in German and Hungarian are proceeding. They'll be published in due time!

Second, the other thing I've been working with. I wrote ACT 2 LEAD handbook about software testing leadership with my FiSTB colleague Marko Rytkönen. The book was edited by the publisher Ketterät Kirjat Oy during the summer of 2023, and it's now in the publishing pipeline. The publishing party is planned for October 23 - mark your calendars. It will be a hybrid event in Finnish, as the book will first be published in Finnish. We plan to have an English edition next year. In this ACT 2 LEAD book, I also got to practice expressing testing thoughts as simply as possible but from a totally different angle than with the Dragons Out book. This ACT 2 LEAD book is meant for the CxO level, and they really need to have the core things about testing spelt out - busy people. The book reads well for anyone who's interested in testing and specifically test leadership, so also for other managers, testers, students etc. We've set up a website specifically for ACT 2 LEAD book, check it out here. And you'll learn what this ACT 2 LEAD acronym is all about : ). And there's bit about the book project in Finnish here.


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