Challenge to translate Dragon Lesson in Software Testing to all languages

Upon discussion in social media and many volunteer approaches to help in translating the Dragon Lesson in Software Testing into many languages, I decided to up the game. Let's translate the free Creative Commons presentation to as many languages in the world as we can, so that the presentation can serve as the easy first step to software testing for all the children in the world. So, let's target all the languages out there!

The Dragons Lesson in Software Testing is an easy to present, visual (with Dragon and Knight pics by Adrienn Széll!) PowerPoint presentation made for all the teachers in the world. It works as a 1-2 hours session, or more, at any class in school, as an extra-curriculum topic.

I issue the challenge on this video.

Already I have promises from volunteers in 10 different languages. And, the first translation is already uploaded to  It was done by Olivier Denoo, in French. Thanks very much, Olivier!

And if you like, you can order the adjacent book which will be published by Austin Macauley Publishers on July 30, 2021, from here:


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