What is Dragons Out?

Dragons Out Oy is my company that creates books, exercises, and training especially for introducing software testing to children, and adults, too.

The main concept is a book about software testing for kids, where the storytelling technique is used. In practice, I tell fantasy stories about dragons, which come to bother villages, towns, and castles. Knights and also normal villagers including a few kids oppose the dragons and manage to kill them or scare them away. They want dragons out of their lives.

After each chapter, I explain how events in that chapter relate to the software testing world. So dragons are bugs. Knights are testers and developers. Villagers are software users. Each chapter has a different dragon, in the same way as a software tester will find different types of bugs/defects in software. I’ve taken the parallel so far that the characteristics of a dragon resemble characteristics of the bug/defect. Each chapter includes vocabulary, where I explain the software testing terms as simply as possible.

See a sample of the book in English including Introduction and Chapter 1.

Check out and add Dragons Out! book reviews at Kirjasampo and Goodreads.

The awesome illustrations of dragons and knights, created by Adrienn SzĂ©ll, bring the stories alive helping children to understand the stories. The dragon and knight characters will come back in other forms of learning products after the book. 

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