Receiving donated books

The publishing of Dragons Out book about software testing for children includes donating books to schools, and other cooperation with schools.

As a school or coding club, you can let the author know about your interest to receive donated books and other material filling in the form, here.

Through the form, you can register your interest in receiving donated Dragons Out software testing for children books, subject to availability. 

The focus of the donation campaign is currently in Finland for the Finnish book, but you can also register your interest in the English book, and I'll forward your details to a possible donating company or person in your country, for delivery.

You can also tell about your interest in receiving a free 2-hour presentation material (PowerPoint + exercises) about software testing, utilizing the same dragon theme as in the book. This works for any teacher wanting to tell their students about software testing - with or without the book.

You can also propose other types of cooperation with me.

You can follow the book project by filling the Subscribe field at 

If you meant to buy books yourself, you can do it here


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