On the best testing books ever list! and more!

This summer, probably the greatest success in the Dragons Out! software testing book for children and adults matters is the fact that the Book Authority listed the Dragons Out! book as one of the Best Software Testing Books of All Time. And place 8, currently. Wow, I'm humbled and honoured. This is very good news. I hope you can share the news with testers and teachers worldwide!

I can also tell you that during the summer, the Dragons Out! audiobook production in English has taken enormous steps. I prooflistened through all recordings, asked for some changes, and listened through the corrections. It sounds good and works out very well as an audiobook. Now the next production steps on the way to publishing the audiobook are taking place. I'll update more once I hear more.

And then we have the Polish edition of the Dragons Out! book. It was translated by SJSI (The Polish Testing Board) with Lucjan Stapp in the lead. The publisher is PWN, which has a wide offering of books for schools and children. The Dragons Out! has a good home in Poland. You can buy the Polish book from the PWN webshop here. This is the first published translation after the Finnish and English editions - a great step! The French, German, Hungarian and Chinese translations are in various stages, too. Stay tuned for great news about publishing those editions.

We celebrated with my illustrator Adrienn Széll the Polish edition as an important step in helping children around the world to get access to software testing. Adri's dragon illustration and my stories make a great, approachable concept for teachers, parents, and children to utilize in their learning. Success consists of small steps leading in a good direction!

Other, even more approachable ways to give children access to software testing worldwide are, of course, the translations of the free Creative Commons licensed training materials called Dragon Lesson in Software Testing. They are all collected on this page https://www.dragonsout.com/p/presentation-for-teachers.html  At this time, there are 19 language versions of the materials, the latest addition being Japanese! Thank you, Kenji-san, for the translation!


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