Dragons Out Second Edition in Finnish available as Softcover and eBook

In this post, I discuss some recent and near-future events and places where Dragons Out is featured, and also I present the 2nd edition of the Finnish book!

I'm extremely happy to have cooperated with my illustrator Adrienn Széll again - this time we made a few tweaks to the Finnish Dragons Out book and published the second edition at the same time as a softback and ebook. The publisher for these books is BoD. The second edition includes the same attractive cover as the English version. There are some layout changes and a few typo-fixes, too. Publishing books is like testing; no matter how many reviews or tests you do, there's always some bug slipping through : ). Nothing major, though.

The second edition, as a paperback, is affordable for schools to be used as a textbook to accompany math or coding books. Please see the introduction on how the free presentation and the book can work as course material here, recording in Finnish and in English.

The eBook has a discounted 4,99€ price for the first month or so - get yours before the price goes up!

Obviously, the book makes great reading for any parents and children, too, like the first edition. And for all the adults who read it for their own joy! I remember with warmth all those readers joining my testing courses who said they read my book as a good introduction to the topic.

And the eBook - that is something. You can now read the book also as an eBook, using your favourite ways to buy, rent, stream, or borrow ebooks. This is the future - easy access to books anywhere.

The books are rolled out to all bookstores and libraries. You can even get both the Finnish paperback and eBook on Amazon. I'm thrilled! My Amazon Author page starts getting quite crowded : ) - check and see. But closer to Finnish readers is of course the BoD webshop. To buy the Finnish paperback, go here. And to buy the Finnish eBook, go here. I keep the purchase channels for all the editions and translations of my Dragons Out books available on my website here.

I'll be at a teacher trade fair ITK-messut Oct 5-7, 2022, presenting these books and ideas. See you there? Or at a testing conference Testing Assembly Sep 22, 2022. See you there?

Another thing - my talks to schools in Finland are now available at Lukukeskus. This is not only a great way to book me to talk about software testing and fantasy. It is also promoting children's literacy, creating reading interest among children with interesting topics, stories and characters. I'm proud to be supporting Lukukeskus in their task of literacy education.

On the international front, I had the joy of visiting the video chat of two of my idols - Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin. They have made an enormous impact on the world with their Agile Testing books. Check out my visit to the video chat Donkeys and Dragons. It was so much fun to talk with them.

Finally, I'll share with you that it was superb to talk about How children learn testing at a testing conference Testit 2022 in Malmö. It was also very rewarding to arrange a book signing event with Knowit. I'd like to compliment my colleague Håkan Ramberg for agreeing on the photo of handing out his copy of the Dragons Out book!


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