Tester of the Year Kari Kakkonen and softcover campaign

I'm most pleased about finally winning Finland's Tester of the Year Award. Thank you to all who voted! This award especially looks back to the previous year, so it took a specific look into what happened in 2021. It also observes the careers of the candidates. And I did a lot: the Dragons Out book was rolled out in Finnish (Dragons Out! - lohikäärmeistä, ritareista ja ohjelmistotestauksesta), published and rolled out in English (Dragons Out! - a book about dragons, knights and software testing), and the donation campaign to schools was brought to a conclusion and handed to the Minister of Education in Finland. Obviously, my long career in software testing paid its part. But I do think that finally, the Dragons Out book project gave enough reasons for people to vote for me! Thanks again.

Dragons Out initiative to teach software testing to children with such a unique approach has definitely been proven sound. EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award last year and now the Tester of the Year Award. It is a great book! What next? 

For those who don't yet have the Finnish edition of Dragons Out book, I'm happy to inform you that you can now get a softcover version of the Finnish edition of Dragons Out book for 17€, including VAT and shipping to Finland, by using code SMAUG in the preorder pages of my publisher Avain, here. The softcover will be published on Aug 1st, 2022. So, get your copy or why not get a copy to everyone in your company or in your school : ). The book also works as a coursebook in schools for classes 5-9  - see my webinar about how it can best be used, in Finnish here.

Also, it is worthwhile to take a look at the increasing number of translations of the Creative Commons licensed free Dragon Lesson in Software Testing PowerPoint. It's now available in Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, English, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Spanish LATAM, Turkish, and Vietnamese. More translations are in progress.

The book itself is currently being translated in various stages into Chinese, French, German, Hungarian, and Polish. I'm really looking forward to those!

Winning Tester of the Year Award brings lots of good news. Check out some of them here:


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