School coursebook use, voting Tester of the Year, and other news

First of all, it would be great if you could support me in winning the Tester of the Year 2021 award in Finland. I think the rollout of Finnish and English Dragons Out software testing books greatly justifies the win : ). I already won the EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award last year, but I'd very much like this Finnish award, too. You can help by voting - just click here, find my name (Kari Kakkonen) and select it, and then scroll down to click "lähetä" (send).

Then, I'd like to give you an update about how schools use the Dragons Out book and its free support material to teach software testing. It is primarily used in math and coding classes but also in other classes. Listen to the recordings of the webinar on how the book and free resources work in schools in Finnish or in English. The webinars detail my advice and the best practices gathered from teachers who've already used the book as teaching material. The time to think about the Dragons Out book as a sourcebook is now, as most schools will soon need to order books for the next school year starting in autumn 2022. 

To cater for the Finnish schools' budgets, there is a new softback version of the Finnish Dragons Out book. You can preorder here at the Avain website for 17€/book including VAT and shipping to Finland, using discount code SMAUG. The book will be published on Aug 1st, 2022, shipping in August. This edition is recommended as a coursebook for software testing for schools in Finland (grades 4-9). Still, anyone can use the discount code and buy the softback version. Use it!

The English book was also released as a softback version along with the hardback version of it. That would be my recommendation for English speaking schools. Buy it here.

Concerning the free Dragon Lesson in Software Testing presentation, I'm thrilled that the volunteers have added to the number of translations available here. Currently, there are Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, Georgian, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Spanish LATAM, Turkish, and Vietnamese translations. In addition, Arabic, Danish, Greek, Norwegian, Serbian, Slovak, and Swedish are in the works and more under discussion.

There's a new logo for my company Dragons Out Oy. Enjoy it below! Thanks, Adri, for this great illustration, too! Also, check the new feel on my website at 


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