Lots of celebration

Dragons Out book in English has received plenty of good feedback from different people and countries. The people who had preordered the English edition, have now been sending their first impressions. People congratulate on the good quality, the illustration, the great idea, an interesting read. Their children like it too, both the story and the illustration.

I've received plenty of praise also based on me winning the EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award. Many articles and news have been published. It is flattering to read about all the praise, but of course, I believe in what I do, too. I think reaching out to children to teach them testing is definitely a worthwhile topic for all the praise. 

Here are some links to related articles and news

The publishing event for the English edition on 7.10.2021 was very nice too. It was yet another online event. I hope to have some sort of in-real-life celebration, too. The recent conferences and trade fairs, which take place physically, with all corona safety measures, come close to that celebration, of course. If you missed it, check out the video  Online Publishing Party of Dragons Out English Edition

I was at the Helsinki book fair two weeks ago at my Finnish publisher Avain's stand. I put up my Dragons Out! roll-up and presented my book to anyone interested. I also gave signatures. First one was this ten-year-old girl, who came around with her mother and wanted to hear about the book. She was thrilled about coding, she explained. Their school offered coding classes to children. Also she was a big-time reader and liked fantasy stories. So, seeing the book, she absolutely wanted to buy the book. I was most happy to write a dedication and sign the book for her. This was really an ideal reader!


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