Dragons Out English edition publishing party

It is time for a publishing party for the English edition of the Dragons Out! book! The Covid-19 is still out there, making meetings a bit challenging, although slowly possible. As for the publishing party of the English Dragons Out!, maybe the pandemic is even an opportunity. We are now used to meeting and even celebrating online, and because Dragons Out enthusiasts are spread in many countries, it is even suitable to have the celebration online, in Teams.

So, get those bubbly bottles close by, glasses chilled, dress up to your best party gear and show up at my publishing party on Oct 7, 2021, at 16-17 CET. Send me an email kari.kakkonen at dragonsout.com if you don't already have the invitation email directly. I'll be certain to have a bottle of champagne to open at the session.

There were many preorders of the books and those preorders have been shipped to those kind souls who supported the book project by preordering books and even donating them to schools. Many more have bought the books since they were published, in Finnish and English respectively. Oh, by the way, to celebrate the publishing party, my publisher Austin Macauley has issued a discount code AUTHOR0921 you can get 25% off the paperbacks at https://www.austinmacauley.com/book/dragons-out. This code is valid until 30th November 2021.

The book project has after almost three years reached its main goal: getting the Finnish and English books published. There are a number of important side-products e.g. a Creative Commons licensed free presentation for teachers in multiple languages. The number of translations by the volunteers keeps growing! There are numerous book translation projects in talks. There are plans for a learning game. And for the next books.

Anyway, come to hear a brief presentation from me, a word from my publisher and my illustrator, ask questions about writing a book... and yes, raising that glass in celebration!


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