Finnish books now selling at Avain, English books available for preorder

The big Christmas campaign of Finnish Dragons Out books for Christmas, and topping up the school donation numbers, was a great success. I continued the campaign also in January just a bit with the remains of my preorder stock. Now all of that is exhausted, and I have just some copies for later use left. Thanks to all the 21 donating companies and associations. Thanks all who purchased from me so that I could also donate personally to schools (one donated book per three sold books). Thanks to the 59 schools who were enthusiastic to receive donations!

For further purchases of the Finnish Dragons Out book, I would invite you to use my publisher's webshop here

If you still want to donate, you can always buy a few books and take them to a local school. I'd appreciate learning the names of the schools from you so that I can add them to the list of donation recipients that I'm gathering for the Ministry of Education. The Minister is a very busy person but his personal secretary has promised to find me a slot to meet him and hand out a Diploma of Donations.

For preorders of the English Dragons Out book, you can still preorder as usual, here.

Concerning the English version, the finalization stages of the proof-reading are now taking place. I was just in contact with my publisher Austin Macauley last week and they are taking further steps in the production process. It shouldn't take much longer : ).

Time for the next book extract for your enjoyment. This one is a little bit about publishing a report, along the lines of me publishing a book. A hidden story in the story!

Cho praised the young. They had learned new things about dragons. He really should write a letter about this to other villages and castles. In addition to himself, Cho would mention Laura and Tom as authors. Small dragons did not return during the summer, so everyone agreed that the theory of the youngsters was correct. Everyone was happy. The youngsters rejoiced most of all, as they were responsible for improving the safety of the village. They were becoming brilliant dragon experts!

In the story, Cho decides to write a letter with Laura and Tom. In the world of information technology, it is customary to involve software users in research. The quality and credibility of scientific articles or reports based on the research improve when the researchers include user experiences and insights in their theories.


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