The Finnish book is here, and the book is shipping!

The books are shipping! Today, Dec 1, 2020, is the Publishing Day of the Finnish version of the Dragons Out book. I got the delivery of the preordered books yesterday. Since then, I've been sorting books, addresses and collateral, and I'll be able to get the first books into postal service today. 

The book looks great and feels good. Really nice hardcover, 2cm thick with 200 or so pages. And don't I feel good, too. This is a great milestone in getting the software testing learning to you, dear readers, and parents, teachers etc. of the readers. My spies tell me many adults can't wait to read the book either. : )

I've got a few spare Finnish books in my preorder books pile so you can still order more books through the preorder link if you like - and the schools will get a few more donations! Obviously, English preordering is possible. 

And, there is good news for the English book, too. This week, coincidentally, I got the proofread version of the English Dragons Out book from the publisher. I'll review the proofreading comments in the next few days and then we'll be on the next step of the process!

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With these Covid-19 times, a book is a very sustainable and safe choice for spending time with. To make sure I do my bit in keeping all of you safe, I took Covid-19 safety measures here in my shipping duties. See the pics for some authentic atmosphere!


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