Free testing presentation for schools

One major goal with my Dragons Out book project has been to reach all the schools in the world to give the students the opportunity to learn about software testing. I realize this won't happen with the book alone, not even translated to multiple languages. There needs to be also free content for available for anyone.

I have created a PowerPoint presentation that is suitable for 1 or 2 lessons in school. The presentation is Creative Commons licensed, meaning everyone can use it as long as they attribute me as the source. The presentation carries the same fantasy theme as in the books but it is set more into a lesson format. I piloted the presentation and even though students liked it, for teachers there is some learning before they can deliver the presentation well. To make the learning of the teacher easier, I've created a recording of the presentation and uploaded it to YouTube. You can either play the recording to students or use it for practising to deliver the presentation yourself. If you play it from YouTube, you can just pause the recording for the duration of exercises and then just carry on.

The presentation is now available in Finnish here and I'll translate it to English after some feedback from a few more schools. Hopefully it will be translated to more languages pretty soon, too. The direct link to the video in YouTube is here.

There are also other resources which are not tied to the book directly even though the book refers to them. There is a reference section giving ideas where to find more information about testing. There is the testing terminology used in the book, that is a very basic testing termilogy. There are additional exercises to those in the book or to those in the teacher presentation. These exercises can be used as stand-alone to practice testing, or indeed after the book exercises.

None of the content is meant to be comprehensive list of things about software testing but still at the same time I've tried to give some food for thought from different angles. I'll develop and add the content based on feedback, so ideas are always appreciated!

However, the biggest thing I hope from everyone is to share the news about this free content to all the schools out there! Let's give all kids a chance to learn about testing.


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