Creativity and time management help author a book

I got the kind permission from Antti Niittyviita to publish this interview for his #AamuQaQa podcast even before he's released it. Isn't that awesome : ). You'll get a nice tuned-up version there, of course, but here in YouTube is the raw truth of Antti interviewing me, Kari Kakkonen, the fresh newly-published author of the Dragons Out! book's Finnish edition.

We discuss how the book will transform the thinking of children and adults about software testing, through fantasy stories, and the creative process of authoring a book. We discuss time management, lists and calendars. We ponder what drives the creativity, is it lists of ideas, free time or what! We discuss the best fantasy books of all times. The interview was lots of fun, which you can feel, I'm sure. Enjoy!

For those bug hunters out there note how Zoom apparently plays a bug on us... no, it's a feature, of course, LOL

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