Speaking about dragons and children in EuroSTAR - the largest testing conference in Europe

Kari Kakkonen Talk Preview at EuroSTAR 2020 

I am delighted to be part of EuroSTAR 2020 conference on Nov 17-19, 2020. I can’t wait to get involved, learn and connect with all the testers that are joining from across the globe. 


Join me for my talk ‘Encouraging Children into Testing.


Attendees will learn

1.   We need to educate children about testing, too. Coding skills are not enough.

2.   Children, and people in general, learn in a number of ways – why not make it fun?

3.   There is power in analogies, by understanding something simple, you can start understanding something more complex.

View my talk. Behind the link, there is also the fun introduction video I made!

About EuroSTAR 2020 

The EuroSTAR Conference is where the global software testing community are coming together this November. It’s an opportunity to connect and widen your network within the testing world. 

EuroSTAR is taking place on a super interactive platform called ‘Hopin’ so you can video chat with fellow attendees and experience the buzz of networking during the coffee breaks that we all enjoy! 


There will be three stages to choose from with lots of speakers sharing insights and tackling the problems we all face. -PLUS- as well as the amazing talks, you’ll get to ask those burning questions, get answers from superstar speakers, and come up with new ideas to improve your testing. 


Take part in the AMA sessions with Abby Bangser, Michael Bolton, Ronald Cummings-John and lots more. Have 1:1 meetings with the Test Clinic experts to help solve your testing dilemmas. Join fellow testers at the Huddle hang out café to talk, start discussions, or just chill out! And of course, there are lots of competitions with some very cool prizes thanks to the EuroSTAR Expo partners.  

EuroSTAR Talks I am looking forward to

Here are the top 3 talks from the EuroSTAR Programme that I personally look forward to hearing

1. Unlock the Power of Testing in Production with Observability

2. Preventing Burnout in the Tech Industry

3. AI Testing in the Wild

Join me at EuroSTAR Online!


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