Speaking about Children learning to test and Dragons Out book at RTC

 I will speak at Romanian Testing Conference RTC Online https://romaniatesting.ro/ on September 30th, 2020. I'm thrilled to be sharing my views on how software testing can be a great learning experience for children. I also get to talk about the journey of creating the Dragons Out book.

You can join, too. Just register at the conference web site!

The conference is themed around superheroes, so my Dragons and Knights theme fits in nicely - the children in the book become sort of superheroes of the fantasy world. They turn out to be among the best dragon experts. Or in testing terms, regular users get into testing so much that they turn into experts themselves!

As always, I remind you that you can preorder the book using the contact form of this blog. Also, please share the news about the upcoming book with others, or let me know some child or testing education related contacts and I'd be happy to contact them myself.

As for the book extract of the day, and keeping with the hero theme, I'd like to quote Paul Gerrard, who has kindly written the Foreword for my book:

This book speaks of myth and modern legend,

Dragons lurk and children are the heroes,

In a mythical software testing land,

Dark, buggy places no one ever goes.


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