School donation campaign of Dragons Out books - preorder now

On autumn 2020, I'm running a campaign where for each sold three copies of the Finnish version of the Dragons Out book I will donate one book to Finnish schools. For the English version of the book, I don't have a possibility of extra donation, but you can donate some of the books you buy to your local school.

You could buy books for yourself, your child, friends, colleagues, stakeholder groups, anyone! Of course, you could also buy books directly for your local school. 

Deadline for the Finnish donation campaign is Oct 20, 2020, although you can, of course, preorder books also after that. Preorders by Dec 9, 2020, will be in time before Christmas. Why not make this year's Christmas present a nice Dragons Out testing & fantasy book? The publishing date of the Finnish book is Dec 1, 2020, so I'll be able to get the books to you in time for Christmas deliveries.

For the English donation campaign, you can also preorder, but my publisher in the UK has not yet confirmed the publishing date, so I can't make any Christmas delivery promises. The English version is in tech edit, though, so I'm hoping it also can be ready for Christmas. I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, for Finnish or English books, I've created an easy-to-use preorder page. Please take a look (and preorder!):

As for the book excerpt of this blog post, I'll show you back cover blurb. Here:

Learn about Software Testing in a fun way, by reading stories about dragons and knights. The book is a great read for children on their own, with their parents, or as an additional reading in schools. Also anyone, who wants to know what software testing is, will enjoy this book tremendously.

The book talks about adventures of two children, Laura and Tom, who tumble into dragons annoying villages and castles. They learn about different dragons and how to defeat them with the help of knights. The children grow into exceptional dragon experts.

Stories are explained into information technology and software testing terms and concepts, e.g. a dragon represents a software defect, and knights represent testers and developers. Reading parallels is an easy-to-understand way of learning.

In this book, Mr. Kari Kakkonen combines his passion into fantasy and software testing in a new and fascinating way, creating an enjoyable experience for the readers.

The book is suitable for ages of 9-99, although it is written for children.

I love the idea of bringing testing and dragons together. Explaining testing ideas in this way is great for new testers to give them a broad idea of the depth of testing. The stories can sit on their own for children as well, and may encourage them to think about how they could test some of the apps they use. “

 Janet Gregory, DragonFire Inc, co-author of three books on agile testing.


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