English publisher is.... Austin Macauley

After many nice discussions with publishers in the UK and USA, I finally got to choose from four good offers for publishing the English version of my Dragons Out book.

I have now signed the publishing contract with Austin Macauley. https://www.austinmacauley.com/. I am very impressed by their work in many genres, including children's fiction and non-fiction. They also have great marketing approach internationally, which is what I really want for my book. The work detailed in the contract will produce hardcover books, softcover books, e-books and audio-books.

I believe that with Austin Macauley the message of software testing for children's awareness through my innovative genre-breaking stories of dragons and knights fantasy and software testing literature will be spread as widely as possible. Of course, I will still need the help of all my readers (adult or child), parents, schools, companies, associations. I'll thank you already now for spreading the information.

Similar discussions are going on with Finnish publishers.

If you like to preorder the book at this time, just contact me through the Contact Form on this blog.


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