The book is now in crowdfunding at Indiegogo

A big milestone. The crowdfunding campaign is now live and I got the first backer in just 5 minutes! Wow. This is going to be great.
I've been sharing my views in Finnish software testing community like this:
Learning software testing should start as a kid, like learning to code, would you agree? To enable this, I’m going to publish a book! Help me create this book about dragons, knights and software testing, for children and adults. Help bring more testing into the world. Share this and pre-order the book @indiegogo
I sincerely hope we can get plenty of kids around the world interested in software testing. This is really for the better quality of IT in our world. Please share this in your IT, coding, testing, agile, DevOps etc. communities. Let's make it a movement!

Last month the book has been in beta reading with many testers, teachers, friends, and children. Many an evening I've been editing the comments into the text. Amazing beta readers, giving all this advice! There's more editing to be done, of course. I need to work some more on the storyline and exercises. I don't want just a good book, I want an excellent one! Anyway, soon it will be time for designing book layout, and then the translation to English.

Illustrations are also going forward. Adri has created really cool characters out of dragons and people in the story. You'll see some in the crowdfunding campaign page. I really look forward to expanding the illustration with the support from from campaign.


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