I am very happy that my employer Knowit always likes to play an active role in society. Now with the book I am writing, Knowit has issued a challenge for all IT-companies to participate in donating my software testing book for children to schools in Finland and around the world. 

The challenge has been published adjacent to my interview in the largest IT-magazine in Finland, Tivi, here.  

Knowit sees that now with such a book, it is time for the challenge. Finally, there is a book, with which school teachers can educate children about software testing. IT has an increasing lack of software developers and testers. Next generations need to start learning early.

Knowit will donate a minimum of 30 books and wishes other companies to give the same or greater donation at (https://igg.me/at/dragons-out-book).

Books in Finland will be given to the Minister of Education, who will distribute them to Finnish schools. For other countries, we look for volunteers to deliver the book shipment to local government. 

Each contributor can of course directly deliver the books to the school of their choice, or take them there personally. In such a case I'd appreciate learning the quantity of the donation from you, so we can tally the numbers up and report the total donations to local governments. So drop me an email. But if you would like me to ship the books to the government together with other donations, mention "donation" in the shipping address.


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