Reader drawings - knights

Drawings of a tester / a knight or another character (exercise 1.4)

Nooa: A knight that can defeat even a bad dragon:

Knight of the knights by Otto: Master of the knights who protects the happy empire from the worst enemies and protects the weakest. He has been a knight since 1 month old. (some inspiration from google).

Sir Quality by Ron: Robotic automation helmet + supervision, powerful sword cutting through spaghetti code, shield against security attacks, magic boots for performance testing.

The kind tester from Tobias: Comes with a sword to slice assumptions apart and balloons to lift everyone up. Is tall and strong without being intimidating.

Red Knight from Ananya: Intuition, perfect aiming skills, strategic skills, good in prioritising.

Curious and nosy tester - a fox! Thanks Marinka!

Töölö school student's view

Töölö school student's view

Töölö school student's view


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